100% Totally Free way

or a little investing

I am only using $200.00 as the example

  1. You will need to sign up on all of the sites I provided belowYou will create your own web page to advertise all of yo

  2. You can purchase $200.00 of Bitcoin on Coinbase

  3. You should set up a weekly, biweekly or monthly recurring purchase of Bitcoin and Stella, some do as little as $10.00 a week of each.

  4. You should send over $50.00 to Golden Farm - Buy the Red Bird to unlock the Super Bird

  5. You should send over $50.00 to Coin Farm - Buy the Red Bird to unlock the Super Bird

  6. You should send over $50.00 to Chikhen - Buy the highest producing Chik you can

  7. You should send over $50.00 to Liberty City

  8. Now you should have just a few dollars left in your Coinbase account.

  9. Follow all the tips and use all the Websites every day

  10. As you withdraw from all the sites and send to Coinbase, every time you increase your total by $200.00 on Coinbase send$25.00 back to each of the 3 sites above.

  11. I mainly do the faucets and PTC ads now every morning before I make my withdraws and deposits.

  12. Check back often as I add more earning sites as they pass all of my testings.

  13. Sign up for the monthly newsletter.

  14. Review my advertising program, you want to get as many active referrals as you can.

Getting the most referrals you can will increase your daily profits dramatically. 

   If you need help in any way just contact me, never any charge. 


  • Wix - Use to create your own site for Free! A must for your referral programs and better income

  • Coinbase - Wallet - Link this to your bank account and you will link this to all of Bitcoin withdraws from the sites listed

  • Robinhood - Wallet, stocks - You do not really need this one for the program but it does help with getting free stocks. If you want to day trade crypto currency this is the site with better tools. You can also buy and sell stocks. 

  • Binance - Wallet / exchange - You do not really need this one for the program but it does help with income because of the great referral program. This exchange trades more cryptocurrency then most sites, you can always score big with cheap coins.

 These are all investment games/sites. They are free to start but a little investing will prove to be very profitable for you.

  • Cointiply- Multiple earnings and advertising site

 These are all great faucets linked to the Micro wallet Coinpot. These are some of the best faucets because of all the bonuses. These are a daily must, several times a day if you can.

 These are all great faucets and PTC ad sites, All the same type of program. These are also a must every day and if you can do them a bunch of times during the day. These all have different levels, the faster you get to the top teir, the more you will make.

 These are all great faucets and some. Once you reach your daily income level with the above sites, you could actually cut these down to weekly just to keep the referaal bonuses going or even less.


 Gambling site, you do not need this site for the program. You can make some great profits if you get some gamblers hooked. 


 Once you get your website up and running and how you like it. You will want to make some more money with it. Use these advertising sites to become a publisher and earn money by displaying some ads. Do not go crazy with too many ads on a page. 

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